Olympus GIF-HQ290 Gastroscope


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Olympus GIF-HQ290 Upper gastroscope dual focus

high-definition close observation, Excellent condition, and patient ready.

manufacture year: 2013, All items are sold in as-is condition with 3 month warranty.


    Viewing angle: 140 °

    Field of view direction: 0 degrees (direct)

    Observation depth: usually observed during the 7 ~ 100mm, close observation at the time: 3 ~ 7mm

    Tip diameter: 10.2mm

    Soft part: 9.9mm

    Effective length: 1030mm

    Overall length: 1350mm

    Forceps channel inner diameter: 2.8mm


Observed performance, operability and insertion of the upper digestive tract general-purpose high-definition video scope of use to the top-end model of domestic endoscopic videoscope system with the aim of further improvement of operational efficiency