ALCON Infiniti Phaco Surgical with Ozil software complete set

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ALCON Infiniti Phaco Surgical with Ozil software complete set
excellent condition, still like new and ready to work.
manufacture year: november 2011, 2.06 Software, latest upgrades on February 2014

By mounting the pump with a keen sensor technology, excellent response, and to minimize the occurrence degree and time of intraoperative surge. In addition, it is possible to perform cataract surgery without the design that takes into account the ergonomics and feel the stress on the usability of the device.

Sale includes everything and ready to work:
1x Alcon INFINITI OZil Intelligent Phaco Vision System (SN: 0803016601X)
1x Alcon INFINITI OZil Enhanced Footswitch (REF: 8065750403)
3x Alcon INFINITI OZil Intelligent Phaco Torsional Handpiece (REF: 8065750469)
1x Alcon Ultra Flow OZil Phaco Handpiece (REF: 8065814201)
1x Threaded I/A UltraFlow S/P (REF: 8065817801)
1x MONARCH® III IOL Delivery System (REF: 8065977773)
2x Medtronic OpthoBURR (REF: 8550815)
2x Sterilization Trays for the Reusable Instruments
1x I/A 0.3mm Straight Tip (REF: 8065814301)
1x Silicone I/A 0.3mm Straight Tip (REF: 8065740970)

Accesoriess included:
1x SSI Ultra 01-2703
2x SSI Ultra 01-2850
1x SSI Ultra 07-3074
2x SSI Ultra 08-0001
2x SSI Ultra 09-9507
1x SSI Ultra 15-3209
1x SSI Ultra 15-4412
1x SSI Ultra 20-0525
1x SSI Ultra 20-5517
1x SSI Ultra 60-1277
7x SSI Ultra 60-1339
3x SSI Ultra 60-1340
2x SSI Ultra 60-1344
2x SSI Ultra 60-1345
2x SSI Ultra 60-1346
3x SSI Ultra 60-1348
4x SSI Ultra 60-1405
1x SSI Ultra 60-1522
1x SSI Ultra 60-1529
1x SSI Ultra 60-1532
3x SSI Ultra 60-1609
1x SSI Ultra 60-1664
5x SSI Ultra 60-1665
2x SSI Ultra 60-1805
2x SSI Ultra 60-1909
2x SSI Ultra 60-1931
1x SSI Ultra 60-6320
2x SSI Ultra 63-2020
1x SSI Ultra 63-6242
2x Olsen 6700

Also This lot comes with over 300 disposable items