Carl Zeiss OPMI Visu 160 S7 Surgical Microscope

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Carl Zeiss OPMI Visu 160 S7 Surgical Microscope...
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Carl Zeiss OPMI Visu 160 S7 Surgical Microscope
Lighting BrightFlex to Red Reflection for 2nd and 6th for excellent lighting
excellent condition Opmi Visu 160, ready to work, All items are sold in as-is condition with 1 year warranty.

Best optics
stereo co-observation tube
XY controls
Zoom controls
Auto Lamp Backup
S7 Floor Stand

- Head: OPMI VISU 160 with apochromatic optics with anti-reflective T multi-coating
- Illumination system: Light system to ± 2 º for red and light reflex 6th fading
- Field Lighting: Up to 65mm
- Type of Focus: Halogen 12v. 100w. fault with automatic focus
- Binocular: Tilt 0 ° -180 °, F = 170mm with 10x or 12.5x eyepieces
- Objective Lens: Working distance of F = 200mm or the of your preference
- Approach: Powered with a distance of 50mm
- Magnification: Powered by apochromatic optical zoom ratio 1:6
- XY: Tour of 100mm x 100mm with automatic centering
- Pedal: Waterproof; 10 to 14 functions
- Filter: UV 408 nm; GG 475; KK40; brightness decrease
- Position: Through fire handles with magnetic brakes