Leica M620 F20 Surgical Microscope

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Leica M620 F20 Surgical Microscope...
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Leica M620 F20 Surgical Microscope
Equipment that meets the perfect balance between form, function and precision optics combined with high-quality mechanical.

1 x 5-25 Degree Binoculars
1 x 200mm Focal Length Lens
1 x 12 Function Wired Footpedal
2 x Eyepieces. Type 2, 10x

Leica M620 F20 Surgical Microscope Includes:
- Head: M620 with OptiChrome ™ optical system
- Illumination system: Coaxial lighting and a red reflex to prundidad
- Field Lighting: Up to 65mm
- Type of Focus: Halogen 12v. 50w.
- Binocular: Different options with eyepieces 8.33x, 10x
- Objective Lens: Working distance available F = 175mm, F = 200mm F or = 225mm
- Approach: Motorised with 50mm stroke with automatic restartMotorised with 50mm stroke with automatic restart
- Magnification: Powered by apochromatic optics; 6:1 zoom ratio
- XY: Stroke 50mm x 50mm with automatic centering
- Pedal: From 10 to 16 functions
- Filter: Standard: UV
- Position: Articulated arm with adjustable knobs

Direct Halogen Illumination system, Rotatable Beamsplitter. Stereo assistant tube can be attached to either side of the beamsplitter. Touchscreen controls built in to floorstand. 5°–25° binocular tube. Variety of binoculars and objective lenses to choose from. Anti-microbial coating.