Leica M720 OH5 Surgical Microscope

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Leica M720 OH5 Surgical Microscope...
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Leica M720 OH 5 Surgical Microscope

Excellent condition, and patient ready.

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The Leica OH5 – a neurosurgical microscope with M720 optics, features an optical head designed along a horizontal plane, making it far more compact than the traditional optical head design.



More room to work

The innovative Horizontal Optics Technology reduces the size of the optical head and gives surgeons more room to work, dramatically increasing their comfort level.


Leica Butterfly-Binoculars

Leica Butterfly-Binoculars ensure comfortable positioning for all surgeons during surgery.



SpeedSpot, the fast and accurate microscope positioning feature, allows one reference point for all surgeons and video, resulting in optimal parafocality, sharp images, and increased comfort for surgeons.



• Body • Microscope accessory (160412002)

• Foot switch • Overhead position stand OH 5 J (02312)

• Two CCD cameras XC-E150 (1000168) / PMW-10MDC (120254)

• LCD monitor PVM-2551MD

• DVD recorder DR 170 V