Leica M844 F40 Surgical Microscope

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Leica M844 F40 Surgical Microscope...
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Leica M844 F40 Surgical Microscope
Lighting, Reddori flex observation image quality and Assistant for full stereoscopic vision.
Latest of ophthalmic surgical microscope, only used 139 hours,  100/230Vac, 50/60Hz, excellent condition.
All items are sold in as-is condition with 6 month warranty.

Leica M844 F40 Surgical Microscope includes:
- M844 Surgical Microscope complete
- F40 Floorstand

Magnification: 3.5× – 21× (WD 175mm, 10× eyepieces).
Control unit: Two-in-one display, control and video display in one.
Continuous monitoring of all motor functions and the light intensity.
Data shown by means of LCD, with adjustable contrast and brightness.
Operation by modern touch-panel control.
ISUSTM Intelligent SetUp System, menu selection based on unique software for user-specific configuration, with built-in electronic auto-diagnosis and user support.