Used Carl Zeiss OPMI Lumera i Surgical Microscope

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Used Carl Zeiss OPMI Lumera i Surgical Microscope, year 2016 in excellent condition, still like new, with 38 used, Patient ready condition...
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Used Carl Zeiss OPMI Lumera i Surgical Microscope for sale, very clean equipment and optical system is very clear, set up to be patient ready and work flawlessly by authorized Carl Zeiss

Everything is in excellent condition and still like new, with 38 used

Fully functional and maintenanced routine by authorized Carl Zeiss to insure the reliability and accuracy with Carl Zeiss working standards

Patient ready condition, the optical system is very clear and perfect condition

Manufacture year: 2016, All items are sold in as-is condition with 6 month warranty

Carl Zeiss OPMI Lumera i Surgical Microscope come includes withstand complete

Carl Zeiss OPMI Lumera i Surgical Microscope Features:

  • With Stereo Coaxial Illumination (SCI) that creates bright and uniform transillumination with less light. 
  • The difference in the refractive power of the translucent body is visualized, and the details in the eye are created in the surgical field. 
  • All settings are computer controlled. 
  • The touch screen, which is arranged in the eyes of the surgeon, manages the surgical microscope and CCD camera at the same time, and the necessary information can be accessed directly from the screen menu even during surgery. 
  • The compact design saves space when storing. 
  • The device positioning is light and can be done smoothly. 
  • The light and easy-to-use foot switch without cables is extremely easy to arrange and maintain. 
  • Each button can be assigned to the operator's favorite function.